Welcoming a Celeb and our lovely International Brand Ambassador to our Florida Offices

When Philly comes to Miami 😘 @flaviacolgan thank you love for bringing the joy within your heart to our little town 😉😉 South Florida looks good on you! We hope the memory of the South Beach photo shoot will keep you warm and toasty when the snow starts to fall. Of course in conjunction with your wonderful husband and our wine 😀@completetechsolutions and @crankphotography Thank you for another amazing shoot! Each one is an adventure to say the least. Cheers to our brand @kemorenewines! May we forever remember the people who drank and cheered for us as we grew into our own. Five years ago this was but a dream, so cheers to dreams realized. May we never take them for granted, and may our future selves thank us😍

It's time to shine!!! Counting down the days until the holiday parties begin and all the fabulous New Year's Eve parties. Shine on, my wine drinking friends, shine on!



Tanya Hacker